The Effect of Social Media on Brand Building

This research paper is the follow up to a research proposal which was written by another writer (who no longer works for you), so I am hoping you can continue on along the lines of this proposal. I will upload the proposal document and the approval feedback I received from my school, so it is clear what the expectation is for this paper. I will also upload the actual guidelines I have to follow as well. What is most critical for me is the primary data I need to refer to – something which is causing me immense stress right now. I’m hoping there will be some data available somewhere that can be used to add strength to this paper, as the data I had hoped to be able to access, is no longer an option. The final submission needs to be 4500-6000 words hence why I have requested 4400 in this order. It will allow me to add information about the company I work for and hopefully adapt any data that you can find accordingly. I would prefer to be contacted by email if there are any problems – I am contactable 24/7 by this method. I sincerely hope you are able to follow on from the proposal document as this is what I have been approved to continue with by my school. Anything outside of this will be a serious problem. I look forward to having this paper finished so I can complete my course!!!