management writing

1. It is 50% of the total grade, it should be as much perfect as possible!
2. It should be the most greatest quality you can provide, it is writing class and should be passed with a high grade in this paper in order to get the accptence for the program!
I trust you guys, I’m being so much stress on this paper!
However, An A paper (90-100) is excellent in all respects. It shows originality of thought and is well argued and well organized with a clear, specific, and ambitious thesis. It is well developed with content that is specific, interesting, appropriate, and convincing. It has logical and artful transitions and is marked by stylistic finesse and varied sentence structures. It demonstrates command of mature diction and has few, if any, mechanical, grammatical, spelling, or diction errors.

** Instructions will be attached, please follow it, it is more than one option to choose from, please chose the more comfortable option you can go with.

** This template contains basic MLA formatting: indentations, margins, font, line spacing, and widow/orphan control.
The first page will contain 22 lines (not counting the header/title and absent widow/orphan control). Subsequent pages will typically contain 27 lines (without widow/orphan). A five page paper will total approximately 1,700 words (not counting header/title and works cited),
**** The template will be attached also
If you have any question, please let me know!