A critical review of the key considerations of rehabilitation for ACL reconstruction-hamstring graft

will be marked for:-
outline the aims of the literature review
introduced the key concepts of the injury

main body (2000-2200)
have you critically discussed with reference support the key considerations of the injury chosen?
have you related this to the stage of healing/stage of rehabilitation?
have you looked at the whole kinetic chain?have you linked this to the predisposing factors of injury?

conclusion (200-300 words)
have you summarised your key points?

reference formating APA
is the literature review current?
good flow and structure to the work?
may choose sub headings and should consult relevant bio mechanical texts to underpin their written response.

also i have received some instructions after my proof reading

1. Please don’t bullet point in an academic piece of work
2. Stick to the word counts allocated for each section
3. Do not include treatments – this is not what you have been asked to do.
4. Need to relate each key consideration back to the injury and why it is important
5. Reference your points
6. If you quote then it needs to be referenced correctly
7. Please don’t put in specific exercises, this has not been asked of you