Impact of Competencies Required on Decision-Making in Senior Management in Public Sector in Saud

i Arabia: Moderating of Cognitive Diversity
References must be from ranking Journals.
Literature review, Gap, Contribution, Methodology, Objectives, and Questions must be clear.

Additional Instructions:

Writing a convincing and well argued research proposal is an essential part of being accepted for a research degree. It meets several purposes:
1.It helps you to clarify your own ideas on what you want to do and what your priorities are.
2.It enables the department to which you have applied to decide whether or not it has the expertise to supervise you, and, if it does, to identify appropriate supervisors. It also enables us to discuss with you any changes which we might wish to suggest so that we are able to supervise it more appropriately. We recognise that in Science-based areas the research proposal may already be determined by a departmental research team or the supervisor in the context of a funded research project. In these cases, many of the guidelines presented here may not apply.
3.At an early stage it allows potential supervisors and other members of the department to ask questions about content, approach, values and methodology before you embark on the study and to determine the facilities required for the research.
4.It allows potential problems to be identified at this preliminary stage and to be resolved before you progress.

Normally, your proposal should be up to about 1400 words long (or up to 5-6 sides of A4), but it is advisable to check this with your chosen department as it may vary. Within it, you should ensure:
◾that the title indicates the field, scope and topic of the proposed study
◾that you can indicate an awareness of some of the significant literature in your chosen field or whether there is very little, if any, relevant literature in this field
◾that you formulate clearly the research question, problem or issue that you wish to address and indicate how it might contribute to the advancement of knowledge and scholarship in this field: in other words, you have to state why you think your proposed research is important and how you might make an original contribution to knowledge
◾that you provide an account of the kind of research methods you feel are appropriate to such a study (i.e. questionnaire, interviews, participant observation, archival and library research, laboratory work, team-based research etc.), and the balance between these
◾that you provide enough information on yourself and the topic to show how the study fits with your past or present experience, your concerns and interests, and, if appropriate, the concerns of your current employer or organisation
◾that you have already ascertained that the individuals, data sources and organisations that will be critical to your study will be accessible to you.


Provide evidence in your proposal of:
◾Appropriateness of title
◾Literature appreciation
◾A carefully framed research question or problem
◾Research methods
◾Suitability to personal situation and experience
◾Accessibility of information sources

If these are properly covered in your proposal, we will be able to provide you with a more helpful, accurate and quick response to your application.