International Organisation

total module marks. You are allowed to select one International Organisation from the following list for detailed study.
1. Any one directorate of the European Union
3. Any one institution within the UN
4. Shell
5. Greenpeace
6. International Hotel Group
Assignment task: Analysis of an International Organisation

An individual business report that carries out a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of an International Organisation, and the need for such an organisation to respond flexibly to the rapidly changing requirement of our age. The assignment provides students an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge. Students are expected to develop academically-grounded arguments to respond to the following detailed task.
The Module incorporates debates which will help to generate many of the thematic analyses which will be incorporated in the report.

The task in detail
Write a business report which delivers the following outcomes;
1. Evaluates with evidence the changing relevance of your chosen international organisation and the key challenges faced by this organisation.

In doing this take account of the geopolitical, economic and social context as well as the operations of other international organisations
2. Identifies and critically evaluates with evidence key issues/themes driving the international organisation over the past five years.
Use relevant theory, literature and empirical evidence to support your discussion. Note that it is not enough to repeat what the international organisation has said in their white papers and annual reports, you must look for evidence.
3. Evaluates with evidence the effectiveness of the governance and operations of the international organisation over the past five years.
Evaluate their management approach using relevant concepts from the module. In particular address the ethical and sustainability issues facing the organisation
4. Recommends possible improvement to the role, function and organisation of this international organisation.
Ensure that recommendations are explicitly justified by preceding argument and the benefit that would accrue is evaluated