Governance and Public Policy Case Study: State of California

Governance and Public Policy Case Study: State of California, SB 402 requiring all perinatal hospitals in California to implement all Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding per the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.
A. Background: provide the background for the case scenario; must include, but is not limited to the following:
• A brief description of the organization(s) involved including the country where the case originates
• A description of the policy issue and how it was addressed
• An explanations of the desired outcome or goal
• An explanations of the action undertaken to achieve the outcome (i.e. was the organization attempting to develop, enact, implement, and/or impact public policy or was it a combination of these activities and what was done?)
B. Variables: provide a description of the variables that effected the development, enactment, and implementation of the public policy. Use the following prompts to help structure this section. Please note, not all prompts will apply to the event you select.
• Explain what, if any, basic democratic concepts, principles, and processes wer involved
• Explain the network interactions involved, if any, and explain what they were
• Explain the tools of democracy or strategies your organization used
• Describe the leaders and explain their influence on the process
• Explain the ethical concerns and implications surrounded the action
• Explain diversity issues involved, if any, and explain how they were addressed
• Explain whether the actions presented a challenge to democratic governance and explain how those challenges were addressed
• Explain the role of technology in the process
C. Relationships
• Describe the relationships among the variables you explained in the previous section
o For example, did the actors in the policy network related to the event influence the type of tools used to implement a policy? Or,
o Did social networking technology used to connect actors lead to ethical issues surrounding privacy?
o Be creative and think about all the possible relationships among the variables
D. Insights
• Share conclusions, insights, and recommendations that emerged from your experiences and the development of the case scenario.
• Include insights you have gained concerning how this case might have played out differently in a different country or culture as well as how the public policy might effect social change.