Teamwork and team performance

 Write a workplace based report of minimum 3,200 words and maximum 3,500 words. You must base your report an actual organization, preferably where you are full-time employed.

Topic: Teamwork and team performance

Report assessment weighting /100%

Topic background including individual and group analysis 40%
Organisational analysis and report 40%
Report structure and conclusion 20%

Suggested Report Structure:

1) Abstract:
a. It will be written at the end since overall picture of the project is available.
b. To give an overall view of the teamwork & team performance & how it will effect positively in different manners since applied efficiently in any organization.
c. Others..

2) Introduction: “References shall be from academic journals”

i. What is teamwork & team performance?
ii. What is a nature of teams and teamwork?
iii. What is team building?
iv. Analyze the growing popularity of teams in organization
v. Team Versus Group: What’s the Difference
vi. Types of Teams (5 types)
 Problem-solving teams
 Self-managed work teams
 Cross-functional teams
 Virtual teams
 Multiteam systems
vii. Identify the characteristics of effective team?
 Context
a. Adequate resources
b. Leadership and structure
c. Climate of trust
d. Performance evaluation and reward system
 Composition
a. Abilities of members
b. Personality
c. Allocating roles
d. Diversity
e. Size of teams
f. Member flexibility
g. Member performance

 Process
a. Common purpose
b. Specific goals
c. Team efficacy
d. Conflict levels
e. Social loafing

viii. How organization can create team players:
 Selecting: Hiring Team Players
 Training: Creating Team Players
 Rewarding: Providing incentives to be a good team player.

ix. Check slide 10 in attached power point. “Key Roles of Teams”.
3) Objectives: “Just Brief”
a. It shall mentioned the target of the study (understand, apply & evaluate teamwork & team performance activities in X company)through the link between Topic Background (from different selected international journals)&the individual and group analysis**”check at the end** which will be described in details in Case Study through the results of company records, Memos, interviews or others.

b. As well as the target of the organizational analysis in selected organization, which mainly will be to apply the principles of teamwork & team performance on the overall level of organization in order to increase the efficiency level of selected company.

4) Literature Review:
a. Detailed study on current research available in different companies & organizations on Teamwork and team performance (shall be fromInternational Journal)
b. Examples to be taken from available companies through international journals as a reference.
c. Analytical Bridges not descriptive shall be built between each reference in order to sustain the smoothness of understanding in the report.

5) Methodology:
a. Describes methods utilized to collect the current data:
i. Especially for individual and group analysis details in the Case Study (Ex: company meetings, company records, Memos, interviews or others).
ii. We can mention as well the international journals were utilized in literature review section.

6) Case Study: “Analysis” “Check attached word file”

a. Overall description of selected organization “Organization chart file is attached” “Check attached sheet”
i. Identification of team work channels in selected departments
ii. Team performance KPI’s utilized in selected teams
 Ex: Team objectives
 Ex: individual tasks
iii. Identification of team work channels between different departments
iv. Team performance KPI’s utilized between different teams
 Visual management through SQCDP to monitor & follow up the actions between different departments.
b. Teamwork
i. Activities
ii. Positive impact results
iii. Others
c. Team performance methods
i. KPI’s
ii. Positive impact results
iii. Others

d. Individual and group analysis in details: (on applying of teamwork principles) “Check at the end”

e. Others..

7) Recommendation:
a. Set of points describes our recommendations that could be implemented in selected organization to improve Team work and team performance through our overallstudy.
b. Set of points describes our recommendation to implement team work and team performance application to other organizations.

8) Conclusion :
a. Brief suggestion as per our conclude understanding of team work and team performance.

9) References :
a. Set of references
b. Min 10 references
c. 6 references min shall be from academic journals “preferred science direct or emerald”.
d. Referencing based on Harvard style
e. All references shall be cited
f. Provide PDF filesof all references or at least a website link if PDF is not available.

Individual and group analysis: (on applying of teamwork principles)

• Individual analysis “People in organization”
o How the individual contribute to the team’s objectives
 Ex: sales engineer to Strategy, programs & commercial
 Ex: Manufacturing engineer to operation team.
o . “Effectiveness of the individual objective toward the team as per slide 10 attached”.
• Group analysis “chart for each selected team.. min 2 Teams”
o How the team contribute to the company objectives.
o How the coordination between two different team contribute to the company objectives.
• Organizational analysis

Above three analyses (on team work & team performance) shall be collected from selected organization by company X records, Memos, interviews, survey or others. “Check attached word file”