Field Practicum assignment II

Assessment 3 Assignment II
Type of Assessment Essay
Total Mark 15
Weight 15%
Format 12-point Times New Roman, Double-Spaced
Presentation length No presentation
World Length 2,000 words
Submission date As specified on the VLE
Learning Outcomes 1,2,3,4
Description Learners are expected to collect background information about their organization
and analyze the materials management and procurement process. Learners will
write a report of about 2000 words
Assessment Text Each learner is expected to prepare a case study about her organization
containing the following topics:
1. Discuss three innovative ideas in operations management in your
organization (3)
2. Mention three main health utilization indicators by your organization (3
3. Discuss three challenges and possible solutions in the management of each
one of the following department: pharmacy, laboratory, radiology (9 points)
Guide for Completion You are expected to use materials and references you collected from the onsite
Rubrics The assessment will be corrected as per Rubrics