Determining Training Outcome

Assignment 2: Determine Training Outcomes (Human Resources Management)

• The writer will use the TNA( Training Need Analysis) prepared previously by your company to complete this assignment. The paper is uploaded as an attachment to the order. The teacher’s grading rubric is also listed below so the writer can use it as a guide to what the teacher will be grading on. The instructions will also be uploaded as an attachment for better view.

• This assignment builds on the previous one (paper will be uploaded). Use the TNA (in the uploaded paper) to identify performance gaps and establish specific training outcomes. This constitutes steps 4 and 5 of the TNA:

• Step 4: Identify performance gaps and detail how training can close those gaps

• Step: 5 Include at least there training outcomes based on the TNA(in the uploaded paper)

• The paper should have an introduction and a conclusion

• All references cited must be in APA format, dated within the last 5 years and from scholarly or acceptable outside sources US source. They are to be cited within the text APA style, and you must include a hyperlink(if available ) to view the source.

Assignment 2 Grading Rubric

Exceeds Expectations
15 points Meets Expectations
10-14 Points Meets some Expectations
6-9 Points Does not meet
0-5 Points
Training Outcomes Training outcomes are specific and aligned with organizational goals; there are at least three outcomes There are at least three training outcomes;they address identified needs Outcomes and their relationship to training needs are weak There are no outcomes, or those included are not relevant to training needs.