lesson task

Lesson Tasks:
1.Read: NASA’s What is the Golden Record?
2. Bill Moyer interviews of Isaac Asimov
Go into the Lesson Folder, and:
3.Participate in M4.D1: New Ideas
4.Participate in M4.D2: The Golden Record

3. Where do you think our new ideas come from?
Write at least one full paragraph.
4. Considering that the creation of the Golden Record was an effort to send a snapshot of humanity into space, what would you send out into space to represent humanity today? Explain why you selected your item.
Write at least one full paragraph.

Lesson Tasks:
1-Watch this video on “Why We Cite” from The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1-a-Go through this tutorial on Citing Information.
Go into the Lesson Folder, and:
2-Post in M4.D3: Essay 3: Proposed Topic
3-Post in M4.D4: Essay 3: Position Statment
4-View Miami Dade College Dattabase Tutorial YouTube
5-Post in M4.D5: Two Sources
6-Study the MLA Sample Outline
7-Post in M4.D6: MLA Outline
8-Post your final draft of E3 through Turnitin (E3: Essay 3)
2- Please share your proposed argument topic with your classmates.
Comment to at least two classmates.
3- What is you personal position about this issue?
Write at least one full paragraph.
4- MDCdatabase1
Duration: (5:37)
User: calderinv –
5- Using the MDC Databases, submit two sources about your topic in MLA format. Remember to use hanging indentation.
Review at least two classmates’ sources, and let him or her know if you think they are formatted correctly or incorrectly and if incorrect why.
7- Post your MLA outline using the structure provided in this lesson.
Please review at least two of your classmate’s outline and comment as necessary.
Lesson Tasks:
5- How does Dr. King incorporate pathos in his famous speech?
Write at least one full paragraph.
6- What is Shelby Steele’s perspective about affirmative action? Do you agree or disagree with him?
Write at least one full paragraph.
7- Why would Swift write such a proposal? What do believe motivated him to present such an argument?
Write at least one full paragraph.
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