Earned Value and Earned Duration of a Project

Discuss and compare earned value and earned duration for the project attached.

Case Analysis
1. Comment on the Earned Value Table and Graphs below and the variation in relevant three variables over time.
2. Comment on the Earned Duration Table and Graphs below and the variation in three variables over time.
3. Compare the Earned Value and Earned Duration Curves and comment on the information gained for this specific project.
4. How much of the project budget has the contractor earned? Why?
5. How much payment should be authorized to be paid to the contractor by the client as of 1/28/2017?
6. Is the project behind, on, or ahead of schedule? Use both EDM and EVM performance measures and comment.
7. Critically evaluate the tools and techniques to calculate EV and ED (not the data strictly compare why someone would use EV or ED or both). Discuss which measure provides better assessment of schedule performance for the project and why.
8. What are the earned-value analysis based schedule and cost differences (the so-called variances)?
9. Based on the above information, what are your EDM and EVM estimates for the total duration of the project and EVM estimate for total cost? Itemize and justify your response by applying a comprehensive analysis.