microsoft Company

Academic Paper of 6000 words on Microsoft company.

task has four elements reflected on :

1- What are the strategic issues facing the organisation?

2- What goals should the organisation be setting ?

3- What actions would you recommend the organisation takes ? What would be a strategy statement that summarised those actions ?

4- What would be the key elements of a performance management system to develop the strategy ?

Introduction- Background- Main body- discussion – Conclusion.

Needed to have the definition of strategy.

define the microsoft organisation vision and mission. ( Page 33 of the SMP notes will be uploaded).

Concern the two models on page 13 for the organisation in the SMP notes.

Analyse organisation and use theories to define it.

Key words: Sector, Industry and analysis.

SWOT model, PESTLE analysis and Portal five forces models of competition framework.

Use the models in page 6 on the SMP notes.

Needed to think if the expand of the company to specific market e.g. China is it worth it or what other chances can company do to increase earnings.

Process of strategic management and planning process of company.

Key models to analyse and measure: generic strategy, value chain, Strategic grouping, background, financial analysis, Balance sheet analysis, Market share, Workforce number.

What bench mark and what would use to apply the mission strategy of the company.

Identify the company on the market and its strategy

Essential book : Explore strategy