Answer the following question:

1. Who makes the decisions in the family holiday-taking decision-making process? Critically evaluate this question by means of a detailed literature review.
Remember alongside the recommended reading list for the module we have access to excellent journal coverage. I would encourage you to consider articles published in:

� Tourism Management
� Annals of Tourism Research
� Journal of Travel Research
� Journal of Sustainable Tourism
� International Journal of Tourism Research
� Current Issues in Tourism
This list is by no means exhaustive. Use it to simply start the assignment process.

Assignment Instructions:

� This is an individual assignment.
� It is to be produced in essay format. Guidance on essay style can be obtained from the Management School Undergraduate Handbook and Study Skills Handbook.
� The essay must not exceed 2,000 words (the 2,000 word limit EXCLUDES the end reference list but INCLUDES the references cited within the text � also see below for further inclusions/exclusions).
� It is worth 30% of the mark for this module.
� Dual submission of coursework is required (see below)
� The deadline for submission is Thursday 26th November by 2pm
� You will be able to collect your assignment feedback from the Student Support Office in the Management School. You will be notified when this is available. Additional opportunities for feedback will be discussed in the lecture sessions.