International Tourism

International Tourism
QUESTION: You should consider the role of an international tourism manager and using examples discuss and explain the strategies that must be put in place if the business is to be successful and above all sustainable. You may wish to consider carbon management, supply chains, CSR among others. You should be sure to take a critical view of the strategies you should discuss and decide whether, how and why they will contribute to a successful business.
*Essay will be assessed in terms of its content, style and structure.
1) Validity and clarity of any arguments put forward.
2) Apply theory into essay and explore and apply with examples
3) Demonstrate your ability to analyze and synthesize information into a logical argument
4) Draw a well thought through conclusion.
* To answer the questions:
1) You should take the role of international manager to mean anyone with responsibility for a tourism organisation large or small.
2) You are discussing and analysing strategies not companies
3) You should use companies as examples of good or poor practice.
4) You may need to consider success and sustainability through different strategies.
5) Success isn’t just about profitability.
6) Consider your points from both business and customer perspective.
7) You should consider fewer strategies in more depth, but may wish to mention the ones you do not discuss in an introduction.
* Structure of essay: (Remember to use well referenced examples from the literature and relevant tourism industry examples.)
1) Introduction
2) Discussion and analysis of strategy
3) What is it, how is it used, what are the benefits and barriers to a company using this strategy.
4) How does it benefit success/ sustainability
5) Repeat for a second/ third strategy
6) Conclusion (This is where you summarize your findings and you may wish to suggest which strategies you think are most important to success/ sustainability)