The Dream Act

Topic: The Dream Act
I have to complete a term paper exploring the multi-cultural experience(s) and practice or policy issue related to an oppressed population. The paper will reflect critical thinking skills, information literacy objectives described above, analysis of practice or policy issues related to this population and proposed culturally competent practices or policies to remediate oppression and discrimination. To strengthen the paper, the student will use case examples from experiential and policy issues experienced by the selected population. The student should draw from ethnographic and/or sociological studies of their specific group.
My term paper under will consist of an analysis of a recent (2000 to 2010) piece of human diversity policy legislation and its impact on the social services delivery system. My term paper will consist of four parts as follows.
Part I
What is (are) the human diversity problem(s) being addressed by this legislation? Why were society and its elected representatives concerned? Include a review of the relevant research and professional writing related to the human diversity problem(s) you have selected.
Part II
Discuss the legislation and its implications for social service agencies and social work practitioners. What social welfare policies and practices have evolved because of this legislation?
Part III
What is your opinion? What extent has the legislation had on the impact intended? What additional problems and/or benefits, if any, have resulted from this legislation? Provide a specific and relevant rationale for your opinions, reflecting upon your experience in the field, as well as the experience of other professionals or consumers in the field with whom you have consulted.
Part IV
Provide the electronic location of the policy and attach pertinent pages of the actual legislation in your submission.
I am to include a thorough literature search and appropriate sources from scholarly journals or books (minimally 10 references but not more than 15) to support my analysis of the legislation or innovative program or method that is the focus of my paper. The term paper will be a maximum of 10-12 typed double spaced pages, excluding the cover page and references.
Please each of these steps need to be followed.