Operations Management Project

Topic: Operations Management Project
i will provide all the necessary documents for you to follow and to understand what to write about, i will send you the project sheet the teacher gave us to do in class, the assignments we did in class, the directions on what to comprehend and write about and then finally the grading rubric. thank you
p.s. on p&l statement 1 the accepted orders should be 1800 and for p&l period 2 accepted orders should be 2000 and for p&l period 4 should be 1900.
also for the master schedule or working hours if my writing is not clear i will list all the periods ending hours here 1 – 311.66, 2 – 478, 3 – 396.66, 4 – 399.99, 5- 359.99 and 6- 354.99. we did not end up finishing period 7 so leave it out