Learning Team Experience

Learning Team Experience
Paper instructions:
Write about the salient issues important to the understanding of Team
Dynamics and the Team process when in a Learning Team. Apply as much communication theories as you can directly and specifically to the team behavior that your Learning Team has experienced (There are a total of 3 team members in our team, I will email details to you later). The final paper must be about 1300 words and reference at least three peer-reviewed articles in addition to the text-to support the content of the paper.

Address the following issues (Pick three and elaborate):

1. Goals: What goals did the team establish? Were the goals achieved?

2. Communication: What communication strategies did the team use? Were they effective?
How did these strategies enhance the team’s ability to collaborate? How did this affect
leadership roles within the team? Explain your answer.

3. Roles: Explain the formation of the team. What roles were developed for each team member?

4. Conflict: What conflicts developed? How were the conflicts managed? How does the team
think conflict should have been handled? What percentage of the team’s time was devoted to

5. Decision making and problem solving: How did the team make important decisions? What
methods did the team use? What were the obstacles to team decision making? What
approach to problem solving did the team use?

6. Ethics: How did the team handle differing ethical standards? What challenges arose as a
result? What, if any, ethical issues arose? How were these issues resolved? How did ethics
influence the decision-making and problem-solving processes?


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