Communication Styles

i) Survey counseling, psychology and/or marriage and family therapy peer reviewed professional journals.
(1) Follow journal link to “ebscohost” page

(2) Click “search within this publication”

(3) Enter descriptors (e.g., multi-cultural communication)

(4) Press “search”

ii) Select and review relevant articles on multi-cultural communication styles

iii) Write a paper of 1250-1500 words comparing and contrasting multicultural communication styles.

iv) You must include the following:

(1) A discussion of verbal and non-verbal communication style differences across ethnic groups.

(2) A discussion contrasting and contracting communications styles that may be encountered when working with culturally diverse clients

(3) An explanation of how therapists can avoid the tendency to view socially and culturally diverse clients simply as members of a diverse group rather than as individuals

v) Use standard essay format in APA style, including an introduction, conclusion, and title page. An abstract is not required.

vi) Cite in-text and in the References section






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