APA term paper

A term paper written by a student taking a humanity course will most likely be formatted using the American Psychological Association (APA) style. This is the citation style that is recommended for such papers as well as papers in social sciences.  The general format of an APA paper is rather simple. The major sections of the paper include the title page, the abstract, the main body and the reference page.

As is common with many other papers, an APA term paper should come with double spaced text printed on a standard paper and a one inch margin on either side of the page. Times new roman font with which is 12 pt is also recommended.

The title page of an APA term paper carries such information as the name of the author, institution affiliation, the date of publication and of course the title of the paper. The title of the paper comes as a running head while all the pages, beginning with the title page are numbered. The number appears at the right top corner of the paper.

The abstract begins with a page header and the word abstract itself should be centered but not bolded or underlined. The text then starts on the line that comes just after the word abstract. The information contained in the abstract of an APA term paper includes a summary of the research questions and the thesis statement.

The body of the paper is not any different from many other formats. It is simply normal text with in-text citations that are later acknowledged in the reference page. The reference page of the APA term paper will be an alphabetically arranged collection of all the sources cited in the paper.

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