Valid & Relevant Internet Resources

& Relevant Internet Resources

Identify / locate 5 Internet websites that provide tools/information/resources relevant to your logic model and outcomes measurement plan that you are developing for your final project.

Example: The resource might support the “theory of change” or provide indicators for outcome measures.

You must determine that the resources are validity/reliability/quality Internet resources/websites. You may have to access an Internet resource to determine appropriate criteria for assessing the validity of Internet resources, which you can also site.

Develop a table which a) identifies the Internet/website resource with a short description, b) usefulness of the sites for developing/supporting the logic model / outcomes measurement plan, and c) your assessment that sites are valid / relevant, based on the criteria you researched.
a) Internet Link / Description

b) Relevance to Logic Model

c) Criteria for Validity / Relevance
Goals and Objectives:
To ensure that the older adults access supportive and healthcare services necessary for their health and wellbeing
To make certain that the older are included in community activities
To enhance accessibility to basic needs for the older adults
To ensure the safety of the older adults