“When is a child at harm?”

critically analyzing the topic above, please draw from an epidemiological risk perspective, as well as from a least one other risk perspective to support your argument (i.e. consumer, social constructionist, or human rights perspective). Consider the role of social work in assessing risk in this area. You may focus on the issue broadly as the statement or question is currently written, or you may consider analysing a more specific experience within the topic (you might prefer to consider this in relation to a specific type of harm to children i.e. physical harm or neglect).
Assessment criteria: This essay will be marked according to your ability to:
• demonstrate your knowledge of the particular practice issue (child maltreatment ) from an epidemiological perspective
• demonstrate your knowledge of the particular practice issue from at least one other perspective (consumer, social constructionist, human rights)
• demonstrate your understanding of assessing risk in social work practice in relation to this issue
• explicitly use the relevant chapter from the core text in addition to other relevant literature to support your arguments. • express your ideas in a coherent and scholarly manner
• use relevant references appropriately (APA 6 th).