Using gaming technologies to aid the educational process of dyslexic children in primary schools in Saudi Arabia


Look at
• What are the symptoms of dyslexia
• What the current problems dyslexic children are having in schools – when communicating / writing/ reading
• How dyslexia is currently dealt with in schools
• How can gaming methods/ multimedia help these children (look at previous research conducted)

• Look at the Saudi culture- do they support games for teaching?

• Kids indulge in games so they are resistance to this- look at ways to avoid this resistance it could come from teachers or parents (they play a lot at home you also want them to play in school? Is Culture in Saudi closed minded?)

• Look at ways to introduce/ design games that aid in learning and are not addictive (stakeholders accept it teachers school parents)

• Look at stakeholders that influence it (teachers parents policy makers in school policy makers in Saudi government)

• Look at the current Saudi curriculum and how it is currently taught

• How can gaming methods be introduced into the Saudi curriculum and what benefits it could bring