supercomputing and visualization in computer science

Topic: supercomputing and visualization in computer science
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answer each question in paragraph form or suitable form. answers must show work. this includes calculations, derivations, proofs, graphs, as well as arguments and reasoning. display references if used. will upload the complete problem questions

1. In scientific visualization, use is made of multiprocessor computers.
1.1. A major issue with multiprocessor computers is the amount of speedup that can be achieved compared to a uniprocessor computer. There are two laws covering speedup: Amdahl and Gustafson.

1.1.1. Do either of these have a formal proof? If so, present the formal proof and explain what it means (i.e., do not just use formalism, also use ordinary English sentences).

1.1.2. Do either of these have a basis in data? If so, explain the data and explain how the data is used to justify the law.

1.1.3. Which of these laws are more likely to be applicable to most problems in scienti
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