Finance & Management Accounting Assignment

Topic: Finance & Management Accounting Assignment
Total: Deadline: Nov 20, 2013 18:00 UTC+03:00
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Topic category: Finance
Academic level: Master’s
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Paper instructions:
I have an MBA Financial & Management Accounting Assignment of 3000 words due November 20th. There is an initial requirement to select target & bench mark companies.
The target company has to meet the following requirements;
“Choose a UK LSE (Main Market, not AIM) listed company (other than the one you work in) in any sector except banking and other financial institutions. It must not be a subsidiary of another company or an overseas company with a UK listing. Avoid companies that have been involved in a major takeover or disposal during the period that you are investigating. It is likely that there will be some changes that will have occurred in most companies but do not choose one if the change is substantial. In addition, do not select a company that has made a loss during the period.”
Find attached details of the assignment, if you accept this order, first, you will need to send me 5 target companies of you choice that meet the above criteria, of which i will select one.