E Marketing and social media

Assessment 1: Identify the role of Social Media within a chosen organisation, implement a social media analysis and provide recommendations for the client: (30%)

Individual project: 30% weighting. Word limit: 1700 words (+/- 20%)
Deadline: Academic week 11 Friday 18th December 2015

For this assignment you will submit an individual report.

You will work individually to develop an understanding of the social media needs of an organisation through a client interview. You will additionally develop Social Media analysis and recommendations report for your chosen business/client. You are encouraged to choose your own business/company/organisation. This could be a b2b or b2c, service or product based enterprise. Your chosen business should be UK-based. This is an opportunity for youto develop marketing experience and insights within your sector of interest.

This report is split into two sections. Section 1 outlines specific questions you must ask the client. You must ensure all questions are exhaustively completed and are as in-depth as possible. Section 2 requires you to evaluate one Social Media platform of your chosen client according to best practice research, and provide your client with five Social media recommendations. These requirements are detailed below in the Assessment Guidelines.

You are required to submit your work electronically via Turnitin.

Assessment Objective:
This is an opportunity to gain practical insights on the role of a social media within an organisation and learn the challenges of the marketer in managing a social media strategy. The interaction with a real-life organisation will help you develop consulting skills thus preparing you for employment opportunities.
Assessment guidelines:
Your coursework must include the following format/content:

Title:Identify the role of Social Media within a chosen organisation, implement a social media analysis and provide recommendations for the client

Section 1: The client interview

Please ensure the following questions are completed in full.

1. In which sector do you operate in?
e.g., automotives, publishing, health & fitness?

2. What service or product do you offer?
e.g., restaurant, computers, gym, clothing?

3. What is the size of your organisation?
e.g., how many people work within the company?

4. Who are your primary and secondary target markets?

5. How many departments/divisions does your organisation have? Please specify department names.
e.g., finance, marketing, human resources, sales, customer service etc

6. Do you have a marketing department? If so, how many members?

7. If yes, do you have a sub-division department for digital marketing? Or is digital marketing integrated within your marketing department? If so, how many members?

8. Do you have a sub-division department for Social Media? Or is Social Media marketing integrated within your marketing/digital marketing department? If so, how many members?

9. What Social Media platforms are you active on?

10. What are your business objectives?

11. For what purpose are you using Social Media for your organisation?
e.g., promotion, research, advertising, sales, analysis, competitor monitoring, customer registration, website traffic, etc

12. What are your current social media challenges?

13. How do you evaluate/monitor your Social Media performance?

Section 2: Social Media platform analysis

Please select one of the Social Media platforms your chosen organisation is active on. You must observe the client’s activities on the specific platform for the last three- six months.

Through secondary research on social media best-practice (platform specific), create five recommendations for your client on ways to improve their current social media use. Please ensure your recommendations fit your clients’ business objectives as outlined in the interview.