experimental economics The guidelines for the project are embarrassingly similar to those for that junior high science fair project that you had to do:

What is your idea?

How did you think of it?

What is it that you intend to learn (HYPOTHESIS TESTING? HEURISTIC?)

What are the details of your experimental design? What are your treatments? Do they draw from existing experimental work? What is your original contribution?

What do you think the results will be?

What will you have learned if you are correct? If you are incorrect?
To re-emphasize?you are not actually running these experiments. Also, you do not have to re-invent the wheel; if you want to use a double auction, just say it in the essay and I will know what you are talking about. Also, unless critical to your design, you shouldn?t make the actual numerical values an area where you spin your wheels. Experiments can range from English Auction, Dutch auction, First Price Auction, Second Price Auction, Sealed-Bid Auctions, nash equilibrium, or any other type of auction.                                                                   PLACE AN ORDER TODAY & GET 15% DISCOUNT (CODE GAC15)