Toward a Moral economy


Throughout history moral philosophers, economists, and politicians have grappled with the challenge of creating an economic system that is moral in the utopian sense of the word. To this end, in a 1,000 – 1,500 word essay, articulate your conceptualization of how it is that a given society can actualize this notion of a moral economy. However, your contribution will be solely focused on the macro level as oppossed to the meso or micro levels. Said differently, you will not focus on policies to ensure moral behavior on the part of institutions and individuals, but rather how it is that an economic system which is purported to be moral should allocate society’s scare resources and configure its markets, if it is to use markets at all. Make sure to include in your argument explicit reference to the moral principles (e.g. utilitarianism, rights & duties, justice, and caring), economic systems (e.g. capitalism, socialism, and communism), and ways of structuring markets (e.g. perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, duopoly, and monopoly).


Have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, which ought to have  subtitles. In the introduction, begin with an attention getter, which will be followed by a general discussion of the topic, and conclude with a clear articulation of your thesis, as well as the structure of the paper.

The body section is the place where you will expound upon your argument wherein you will make detailed reference to moral principles, economic systems, and the proper way of structuring markets. Make sure that you incoporate references (i.e. short quotes and paraphrases) using APA format in order to substantiate your argument.

In your conclusion, you will restate your thesis and provide a final discussion of the topic at hand.

Following the conclusion you will have a list of references in APA format.

Thoroughly edit your work checking for cogency of argument, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and proper usage of APA referencing conventions.