Address each of these bullets (often overlapping) in a well-formulated essay. Refer to the readings discussed in class and any other resources for this assignment. Be sure to cite all sources appropriately. Your goal is to research and understand one of the core sociological paradigms by identifying key elements and contributors that help shape it. In other words, you are to research one of the 3 major sociological paradigms, choose authors (2-3) that have contributed to the development of that theoretical approach, and the major concepts (2-3) associated with both the authors you chose and the paradigm you chose and type a synthesized research paper on the information you have obtained. This is an extensive research paper and I expect thorough explanations throughout.

Briefly introduce and describe what you will be researching. Explain what you will be discussing and your “roadmap” for accomplishing this project.

Next, choose one of the core sociological paradigms we have discussed this semester. You need to be familiar enough with the topic to do this project and therefore will have to do research on your own in addition to what we go over in class (Paradigms include: Functionalism, Conflict, and Symbolic Interactionism)

Briefly, but thoroughly, introduce and describe key persons (2-3) responsible for aiding in the development of the particular paradigm you chose and how they helped shape it. Explain why you chose these particular theorists.

Explain the major concepts (2-3) of the scholars you chose that have helped shape the core sociological perspective you researched. Be sure to connect these concepts back to your chosen paradigm. How do the concepts you discussed relate to the overall paradigm?

Conclude with the overall contribution of the scholars and concepts you discussed for the core sociological paradigm you researched. Explain how they helped shape your selected approach.

Be sure to cite sources properly both in the text and in a reference page. Also be sure you are using credible sources.