Pick one of the following controversial experiments which crossed ethical boundaries. Research and summarize the experiment. Pick a second experiment for extra credit. Feel free to explore the Web and to pick an unethical experiment not listed. Refer to the Belmont Report a document that created standards for ethical research.

Write up a couple of pages on one of these experiments. Summarize the experiment, what ethical boundaries were crossed? What were the research findings? Also feel free to pick your own selection of an experiment that crossed ethical boundaries.
1. Stanford Prison Experiment/Philip Zimbardo
2. Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
3. Fernald School in Massachusetts/The Eugenics Movement/Radiation Experiments
“The Science Club”.
4. LSD Experiments/Frank Olsen/Tim Leary’s Prison LSD experiments/Whittey Bulger and LSD Experiments.
5. Eugenics Movement in the United States
6. The Monster Study

Also, read the article on (The MASTER RACE Boston Magazine) This is an article by Welling Savo that describe the eugenics movement as it effected Western Massachusetts. To access the article type in: The MASTER RACE Boston Magazine. Go to Google and type in: Boston Magazine The Master Race Welling Savo. Summarize the article, the research institutions behind the research, and what their hypothesis was relative eugenics.

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