Sociological Theory Contemporary

This is part one of a three-part assignment. The contemporary topic that you select for this
portion should be carried through for the other two essays. To complete this essay, please do
the following:
Identify a contemporary topic that is discussed in media (affordable care, sexual assault on
college campuses, school shootings, Ukraine crisis, etc.).
Select a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles that reflect the nature of the debate. Only two
of these sources may be from credible internet sources (blogs, wikis, cliff’s notes, etc. will earn
you a zero). You are encouraged to use the Troy library to locate sources related to your topic.
Please list electronic journals from the online database as journal articles (using the APA format).
Using your articles/websites as support, argue for the social significant of this topic (i.e., why would society care about this issue at all.
Make sure that you provide a strong introduction and conclusion to your paper.Your paper should be between 2-4 pages, not including a references list. You are expected to include appropriately cited in-text citations. This essay will be graded using the following guide. Brief generic introduction to the topic . Explanation of the topic’s importance to society with references to current events and their coverage in media and academic sources. Introduction and discussion of articles 1-5 (clarifying how each relates to the topic or supports the topic). The length is within the 2-4 page range APA is correct – Five credible references are used, references are in place, direct quotes are used when appropriate, in-text citations are used, and a reference list is provided.The essay has a strong conclusion summarizing the main points of the paper.

Assignments should conform to academic format and follow APA standards. Papers should be double-spaced, 12-pt font (Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman ONLY), and have 1” margins. They should have been proof-read and spellchecked. Please indent the first line of each
paragraph 5 spaces (or push the “tab” key on your computer). Please save all documents in doc, docx, or rtf formats. If a page length is designated, please write to the bottom of the page. Failure to format your paper correctly will result in the loss of points. Write your first and last name only in the top left-hand corner of your paper. You do not need a cover page or abstract, but you are expected to provide a references page when you cite source material, including the textbook.