sociolinguistic study of feedback in a language learning website

First of all, my dissertation is about a website called Lang-8. This is a website for language learning and English language is one of them. the website has three main sections: 1- journal (members write anything and native speakers correct for them), discussion groups (many groups formed by members and they each have posts), and a section called HINative (where a member can ask a question about the language or the culture and a native speaker can answer him). what i am focusing on is the two first sections. I will look at the type of feedback and correction given to journal writings. I will also chose one of the group discussions and that group is named (English classroom) and will do a content analysis for the posts and replies.
here are the concerns:
1- I can’t seem to find a connection between my research questions:one is asking about the feedback to writing entries and the other is about discussion posts (a friend said that both are considered a study of feedback since replies to posts in the discussion board are feedback too) but still two kinds and I want the connection to be clear in my paper, I feel I am talking about two separate things. I can’t think of like one big umbrella question?
2-the section of the HiNative ..should it replace the discussion board as a source of data? and why?
3-I wrote about the theory of community of practice in my Lit Review but my advisor said that I need to include a framework through which you are studying feedback in the writing entries ? and also the discussion board ( and when you include the frameworks or theories please, consider the way I am going to approach the questions..I mean in the first question for example I am asking about types and focus of feedback,I need the framework to go along with this and so on..
4- Do I need to include other theories or frameworks other than community of practice
5-what is the relationship of sociolinguistics to my study?
6- there are a lot of headings in the three chapters that I did not write anything about of them is a background about the study at the beginning of CH.1 (this can be a story or an incident altho motivates me to do this research..I actually can’t think of one..I will give you my info since that will help in this part: i am an ESL graduate student in the US, I studied English since I was 12, I also taught English for less than a year in a public school)
7- I included another paper as a sample. My advisor asked me to follow it especially in Methodology part..she liked it a lot.
8-the things that I wrote in Ch.3 like the coding process,procedure and everything can be replaced,changed,deleted,added to as you see appropriate. the methods and procedures I put are not final and I am not totally satisfied with them so if there is a chance to make them better or add more clarifications to them. I want the methodology part to be really clear as I am using it as a guide on how to go on with the analysis. I want clear description of what I do and how to go through analyzing data, are there quantitative part, how to approach it,tools to use..and the same for the qualitative
9-since I don’t know how many pages should this take, I will put 20 for now and if any change is needed,we can update. the resources also there is no certain number but what you need
10- if there are interesting questions that I may consider including in the research questions given the features of the website, please suggest them
11-you need to visit the website Lang-8 ( you can use the email ( and the password 123qweQW to log in.
12-finally if the quality of your production requires longer than I chose, then it is ok for me for the sake of a better quality.

P.S. As for the second question, may I know earlier about it because right now ,I am collecting data and I want to decide between the HiNative source or the Discussion board.