Schooling and social inequality

? 3000 words

? elaborate on the theme of schooling and social inequality by using the class readings and also other academic sources, and develop at least one or two research questions (the course readings for schooling and social inequality are already in the folder and I have also included theoretical foundations readings for you to find some related theories. Thanks)

?Addressed questions clearly and provided clear examples to support the argument. Use of theory selected and/or application of conceptual approach to examine social phenomena.

? 10 scholarly references, with at least 5 from outside of the course materials

? Follow APA formatting guidelines
Marking Rubric
– Thesis statement and research question(s): Clear overview and description of topic (15)
– Content/Information: topic is carefully addressed and includes well- referenced information. Coherent explanation of the social issue selected. (25)
– Critical analysis: clear analysis of topic based on research question and good use of social theory to explain social phenomena (30)
– Preliminary findings & future research: clear presentation of findings and consideration for future research in the field (15)
– Grammar / formatting: clear presentation and organization of text following APA formatting guidelines. At least 10 scholarly references cited (15)