Military Social Work Training and Reflective Paper

Students must complete the Military Social Work Culture Seminar Course. The students will
have two weeks to complete this seminar
Each instructor will provide log in information to
each student. Students must also submit a
2 page typed paper summarizing your learning from this training that may influence your future practices as a social worker. write in the first person,
specific areas( suicide rate in the military , PTSD(rate o PTSD is 11, 20 %) and women in the military) discuss how each will influence your practice as a social worker.
Provide examples of these areas and specific experiences, readings or discussions to
support your analysis.
Show an awareness of the emotional impact of these experiences, issues and topics (i.e.
counter transference, relating personally or professionally to the topic on an emotional
Specifically discuss new insights and awareness.
Clearly discuss the influence of these insights on future practices as a social worker.