homeless veterans


Cut and paste them and then and edit them to read as one complete whole. Also, DO NOT FORGET to emphasize how practice informs research and research informs practice – – in other words – tell succinctly why this research matters to practice and how future practice will allow for more research questions.

combine all papers in download into one 20 page paper.

Signature Assignment: Research Proposal

The organization that accredits social work programs, and allows you to become a licensed social worker after graduation, is the Council on Social Work Education. It uses what are called EPAS, short for Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards. This course reflects the following standard:

EPAS 2.1.6 Engage in research-informed practice and practice-informed research.

That a student is competent in terms of the EPAS is determined through assessment of various Practice Behaviors (PBs). This course reflects the following PBs:

Practice Behavior a) Use practice experience to inform scientific inquiry.
Practice Behavior b) Use research evidence to inform practice.

the Signature Assignment: Research Proposal.

1) Area of Interest, Background, Theory and Literature Review
2) Objectives (Includes Goals and Research Questions or Hypotheses)
3) Research Methods (Includes Sampling Strategy, Potential Risks,
Activities involving human subjects)
4) Measurements (Includes Dependent, Independent, and Control Variables, as well as Surveys to be used)
5) Analysis

The paper should be 20 pages long, and consist of the work done throughout the course, formed into one seamless paper with the above Sections. Paper must be completely in APA style (see rubric), and be “mechanically” appropriate for graduate work (see rubric). It should also clearly demonstrate the student’s competence in carrying out the Practice Behaviors.