culture and diversity- A

I have this case study and I need it in 2 parts which are 2600 word assignment and 1200 world reflection.

Select an international company of your choice. Using the company you have chosen, justify your choice and answer specifically the following questions, using the theory and models studied in this module

1. Identify and evaluate the key challenges .
2. Apply a relevant theoretical model to analyse these challenges, giving clear examples from your chosen company.
3. Assess how the company has attempted to take account of cultural diversity through their internal communications
4. Evaluate how effective the management have been in addressing the communication issues.
5. Conclude with a reflection on the effectiveness of the companies cross cultural communication and suggest ways in which this could be improved.

Word count:
Individual case study: 2,500 words (40%) and a 1,000-1,200 words end-module reflective journal (20%).

Additional advice about your assignment:
– Clear structure, including an introduction, middle sections where discussion is developed and a conclusion
– Logical order, using paragraphs to group and link your work
– Evidence of wide reading, making sure that any references you use are correctly cited within your text and reference list
– Proper style of writing