Compare and Contrast between Sexual Orientation and Black ethnic minorities

Assessment 2:

Length: 2,500 words.

Brief: Critically compare and contrast any two social movement communities operating in the fields of race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion. How effective have they been in challenging discrimination against their respective community?

In this assessment you will choose two areas of difference to compare and contrast e.g. race and disability; sexual orientation and religion and assess how organisations/groups who organise around these identities have succeeded or not in their attempts bring about justice for their communities. In each case you will:

1. Compare and contrast philosophies and objectives of organisations/groups(why they were established, what is that they were/are trying to achieve

2. Compare and contrast strategies and tactics that organisations/groups utilised in their efforts to bring about change.

3. Assess how these organisations/groups activities have been perceived/responded to by the wider public (Media, Government, Policy Makers, public attitudes)

4. In making the comparisons between communities/organisations/groups what does your analysis tell us about how one should fight discrimination in the UK and with what expected results?