Analysis of Race, Class, and Deviance Assignment

In this paper you will have to analyze this situation using all three major sociological perspectives learned. I need to see three paragraphs first paragraph conflict theory and its terms. Second paragraph about Functionalism theory and its terms. Third paragraph about Symbolic Interactionism theory and its terms. Please proceed to this website and watch the lecture by Dr.Michelle Alexander on how the prison-industrial complex has become a new and covert form of“Jim Crow” for many African American males. No summary needed for the speech. What I would like from the student is a paper that includes how a Functionalist, a Conflict Theorist, and a Symbolic Interactionist would interpret the information within this speech.

Terms and concepts must included for the three theory:

Conflict theory:
Bourgeoisie: the capitalist class who own most of society’s wealth and means of production.
Proletariats: workers or working-class people, regarded collectively.
class consciousness: awareness of your class position, and identifying with people who are in the same class position à organize political associations à rebel, revolution à classless society
False consciousness: workers mistakenly accept what the dominating class wants them to believe

Functionalism theory:
Manifest function: intended
Latent function: unintended
Anomie: Breaking down of the norms and values of society
Egoism: is the tendency of individuals to focus only on themselves in isolation from other people and social systems (such as groups, communities, and societies).
Strain Theory: people not achieving cultural goals legitimately feel anomie & become deviant

Symbolic interactionism theory:

Looking-glass self: the process by which a sense of self develops
Labeling theory: is based on the idea that behaviors are deviant only when society labels them as devian
Role-taking: taking the role of the “other”, to understand how someone else thinks and feels
Impression management: efforts to control other people’s impressions of us