Sociology Paper

Sociology Paper
In this essay you will critically examine a current event or popular cultural text and
reflect on how the event or text constructs, reinforces, or challenges hegemonic ideas
about race, gender, sexuality, and/or immigration status or racial inequality in the U.S
(you are free to write about one or a combination of these forms of difference). The event
or text you choose must be analyzed using at least one theory or concept from class
readings. At least one reference from class readings must be included. Please cite any
materials pertaining to the event or text you write about.
The scope of this assignment is open ended to allow you the opportunity to think
creatively and critically about race and power in society by either considering cultural
representations (racial images) or current events while utilizing social theory. If you have
any questions or concerns about choosing a topic please follow up with me.
The essay can be organized along the following lines:
! Introduction: briefly describe the current event/text as well as the theory you will
be using, and explain why you chose the topic, e.g. its significance or
contemporary relevance
! Theoretical Framework: Discuss the theoretical framework or concepts you are
using in depth and cite at least one class reading
! Background: describe the event or cultural text in greater detail and include any
relevant histories or contextualizing factors
! Analysis: Select key features or components of the event/text and use them as
evidence for the ways in which race and power are represented or are at work in
the text/event you are writing about
! Conclusion: offer a summary of what analyzed as well as any overall insights