socially responsibility construction company and their sustainability

The most socially responsibility construction company and their sustainability
points “sustainability and environmental effect” will always
link to the social resposibility to analyse, and why and how
the company’s project prove its social responsibility in
sustainable area, for example the Urban revitalization; make
sustainable area, for example the Urban revitalization; make
sure the social responsibility is the central points of the
report.He can write another point which is one of the
sustainability parts and it can link to social responsibility,
not just environmental benefits.
This assignment is group assignment so the writer only need to write part of the assignment which are 1500 words. I also need 200 words presentation speeches about the part. My group work need to focus on two construction company which are Lend Lease (Australia) and Hochtief (Germany). My part is Wider Environmental Impact and Sustainability about these two companies. The writer should focus this point and relevant to the question 3 which is the sustainability and environment benefits,success and contribution about these two companies and write few contents in their measuring methods of sustainability. And the writer do not need to write the introduction and conclusion, he only need to write the sustainability and environment content of the report.The writer should use at least two case studies(literature) in the content to focus the sustainability topic.
I have attached 11 documents which include the assignment outline and marking criteria, it contains more details that include the third question and assignment backgroun; and other 10 resources which may relevant to the assignment and it can help the writer create some directions to write. Another important thing is the reference, this assignment can only use references which are from reputable publications. This includes books, peer-reviewed journals and conferences, government reports and high quality consultant’s reports. Stay away from personal and consultant websites and newspaper articles.And the writer should insert some pictures and headings or subheadings to the report. Thanks.