In The Social Meaning of Money, Viviana Zelizer argues

In The Social Meaning of Money, Viviana Zelizer argues

“In their everyday existence, people understand that money is not really fungible, that despite the anonymity of dollar bills, not all dollar bills are equal or interchangeable” (Zelizer 1997:5).
1) In the first paragraph paragraph, explain what Zelizer means by this and how her view challenges dominant scholarly views of money; then, give an example from her text to illustrate the argument; In this paragraph you have to read Zelizer, Viviana The Social Meaning of Money Article ONLY PAGES 1 TO 12, 18 TO 21, 36 TO 70
2) In a second paragraph, explain Ferguson’s similar argument about the non-interchangeability of property in cattle and money (keeping in mind that money is a form of private property); IN THIS PARAGRAPH YOU HAVE TO READ Ferguson, James’S ARTICLE: The Bovine Mystique: Power, Property and Livestock in Rural Lesotho. Man (N.S.) ONLY PAGES 647-74.
3) In a third paragraph, briefly illustrate how these are questions of power by using as examples any two of the three major social distinctions that Ferguson analyzes (women/men, young/old, and patron/client). (SAME READINGS)



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