Topic: Family

Subject: Sociology

For these 3 essays question, you will need two book, and the readings I uploaded.
– Annette Lareau. 2011 (2nd edition) Unequal Childhoods. Berkeley: UC Press. Chapters 1, 2, 6,7, 8, 10 and 12.
– Arlie Hochschild. l989. The Second Shift. NY Avon

Essay 1
Is the ideology of domesticity dead or alive and well? In a two-page essay, respond to this question with an argument that builds upon readings since the midterm and defend your position with evidence. Your answer must draw on five authors from the following list, and in addition may also draw on films and lectures, and of course, any relevant articles posted under Resources: Pleck, Stearns, Segal, Dill, Hays, Hochschild, Ingraham, Lareau. (2 pages)
PS: For this essay, you didn’t have the class, so just do the authors’ part. I will upload the readings for you. Please correlate at least five authors.

Essay 2
Lareau argues that cultural capital is reproduced in families in ways that create and perpetuate important differences between children from different classes. Drawing on the required chapters we’ve read for class, analyzes how this occurs. Your essay should define each approach, identify some of its benefits and shortcomings, and then point to the implications for cultural capital. Conclude with 2 paragraphs about your family of origin and analyze succinctly which strategy(ies) your parent(s) pursued with you (and your siblings if you have any) with respect to communication (1 paragraph) and to discipline (one paragraph) with very clear and specific examples for each (2-2.5pages).
PS: YOU WILL NEED THIS BOOK – Annette Lareau. 2011 (2nd edition) Unequal Childhoods. Berkeley: UC Press. Chapters 1, 2, 6,7, 8, 10 and 12.

Essay 3
The following essay is based on Hochshild: Drawing upon your family of origin when you when you were in high school if two adults were present * explain your parents’ gender ideology(ies) individually and as a couple, their gender strategies, and how power was practiced; provide one example each for their gender strategy and for power that clearly demonstrates your analysis. (1-1.5 pages)
PS: for this essay, you will need to use first person to write about the situation specifically happen to you. Or a different family if two parents or adults were not heading your family at that time such as relatives or the family of a close friend.
Be notice:
Use each of the following terms once in this exam, in a way that demonstrates you understand its meaning. (These can apply to 3 essays)
-New father -anxious parenting
-New man -stalled revolution
-Concerted cultivation
-Accomplishment of natural growth
-Theory of attachment
-Distant breadwinner -Intensive mothering
**You may use terms more than once if you like, but minimum once each.


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