A sociological analysis of a film of your choice


a sociological analysis of a film of your choice (there are specific details needed in the paper)


Paper instructions:
you will submit one (1) 5-7 page (double spaced, 12-point font) final paper. The final paper will be a sociological analysis of a film of your choice. Movies can tell us a lot about typical patterns of inequality, dating and marriage, ways of raising children, form of deviance, and just about all other aspects of social life. I want you to think critically, using at least three (3) themes discussed in the course to interpret and analyze a film. Use the following questions to be able to sociologically analyze the movie.

a. How does the movie reflect its social context?
b. How does the movie distort social reality?
c. To what degree does the movie shed light on common or universal social and human problems?
d. To what degree does the movie provide evidence for or against sociological theory and research?
e. To what degree does the movie connect biography, social structure, and history?

This paper is intended for you to apply and demonstrate your understanding of the material we have read and discussed in class. This assignment should be delivered to me via email on May 22 by 11:59pm. I will send comments and final grades via email. Anything after that will be considered late. I will not accept late essays except under extenuating circumstances with adequate documentation and at my discretion.

I’ve broken the paper down into smaller segments to help:
Introduction (10 points)
Is there a clear and coherent thesis sentence?
Is there an overview of the paper?
Are the themes discussed in the paper outlined?
Is there a brief summary of the movie?

Body (60 points)

Theme addressed [x3]: 20 points
Is this a topic addressed in class such as, but not limited to, race and ethnicity, deviance, groups, gender and sexuality, leisure and recreation, family, social class, etc? (5 points)
Does it have a sub heading?
Is this coherent/comprehensive?
Is each theme is backed up by two or more examples?
Example [x2]: (Each example is worth 7.5 points)
Is this detailed?
Is there evidence to support your opinion? An opinion without scholarly backing is just an opinion and this is not an opinion. Did you use terminology and/or theories from the textbook in support?
Is there a theory that matches your example? I don’t want opinions at this point.
Did you include quotes from the class readings that fit the theme? (Incorporating the quotations without it being obtrusive and with proper formatting?)
Ex: Etienne (2013) explains, “the role of the family has shifted in this new technological era to the point that the role of men has been potentially reduced to near extinction” (13).

Examples provide the evidence you have gathered from the movie in support of the chosen theme
It’s not enough to say something, PROVE IT with details from the movie.
There’s no need to do a reference page because I know what readings you’ll be referring to in the paper.

Conclusion (10 points)
Did you briefly summarize your argument here?
Should be similar to your introduction instead it restates your key arguments for each theme/sub-heading

Basic Formatting
Does your essay comply with the length and format indicated above?
Is the paper 5-7 full pages?
Is it double spaced?
Free of mechanical errors (grammar and spelling)?
Times New Roman, 12-point font?
Are the themes clearly outlined by sub-heading?
Does your paper have clear organization with a natural flow?
Does the paper include an introduction, transition sentences to connect major ideas, and conclusion?

Professor’s Discretion
Any areas or issues not described earlier but need to be addressed



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