The New/Emerging Biotechnology Involving Genetics

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            This presentation is an outline of a research on the emerging biotechnology as involves genetics. It gives the prospects of biotechnology and the necessities that come with it. In addition, it discusses the significance of biotechnology on the basis of its importance and how these are of essence to the world at the present times.



  1. Introduction

This should give overview of the paper as a review of main aspects of biotechnology by specifically touching on its potentials to influence the genetic components in organisms. Kershen, L. D. (2005) clarifies that humans struggle to be artificial than co-exist with nature.

    1. Background information on new/emerging biotechnology
  1.                                                               i.      This will focus on the importance of the study and why it should be studied.
  2.                                                             ii.      Examples of any concerns that are affiliated to biotechnology and their description
  3.                                                           iii.      Where new/emerging biotechnology is commonly practiced and its scope worldwide
  4.                                                           iv.      Opinions and views on biotechnology
  5.                                                             v.      The stand of this paper on biotechnology based on the above opinions and views
  1. Discussion
    1. What biotechnology is all about and what entails it

Will define biotechnology for example as defined by Aakhayan (June 2010) being “the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of material by biological agents to provide goods and services” and any other definitions.

    1. What has been said about new/emerging biotechnology

This part should give the prospects of biotechnology as viewed by other people for instance, “as a prospect to have molecular diagnosis of an organism so that the organisms which are at risk gain the capability to have a healthy offspring by checking on the conventional examinations before delivering the offspring” (Dyson, T. 2001).

    1. An exploration of any views and thoughts about biotechnology

This part should give details into what have been said on biotechnology a tool that controls plant and animal genes while at the same time maintaining their intended activities. In this case, it complements on the genes (Journal of Biotechnology, 2010).

    1. Any theories on biotechnology involving genetics

This will dig into highlighting any theories, if any, on emerging biotechnology

    1. Challenges that involve biotechnology

This section will point out on the challenges that biotechnology is facing and the potential areas that are capable of bringing in more challenges in the emerging biotechnology.

    1. The impacts of biotechnology in the present world and its potentials to bring change to the present trends in the world

In this section, discuss the effects of biotechnology like “the increased omega 3 in oils for better heart health, boosted lycopene in tomatoes for antioxidants with reducing the risk of cancer, or potatoes with 30% more protein and the ability to absorb less oil, (Lorne, H., The importance of biotechnology, 2008).

    1. A reflection on the stand of this paper on the basis of the discussions

This should relate the whole paper discussion with the take of the paper.

  1. Conclusions and recommendations

This will entail the summary of the paper on emerging biotechnology giving a detailed, yet brief of what the paper discusses on emerging biotechnology for instance how the plight of the world will be impacted on full adoption of biotechnology. This should summarize what biotechnology means to the present world and the direction it will take the next generation to.

Recommendations to be adopted along with the emerging biotechnology regarding the enhancement of organisms and human health will be given. Also to be included will be the system which the entire globe should formulate to help initiate programmes of biotechnology in various sectors.