Andrew Carnegie and rise of big Business

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Andrew Carnegie was somebody who was born wise and ambitious in getting whatever he wanted. Though born in a family that was not well up financially this seems to be of no issue to him and he knew what he was after. His dream was to find his platform in United States rather than in Scotland. Immigrating to US in 1848 at a young age his talent came to play.

At a very young age of 12 Andrew showed his hard work and his industrialism and also the passion and determination to succeed in life. He started being bobbing boy in a factory where cotton was made and due to his flexibility he could also do other jobs. Andrew still in a tender age he could consider getting literate because he knew the importance of education and he went to night school and he educated himself in writing and reading. He wanted to become wise no matter what it cost him even if it was through borrowing money.

At the age of 14 Andrew found another job where he was a messenger at a telegraph office, while in this job a superintended of Pennsylvania Railroad Company called Thomas Scott noticed him. In 1953 Carnegie was lucky since Scott decided to make him his private secretary and also a personal telegrapher. This showed that his hard work was noticed. At the age of 23 in 1859 he succeeded Scott and he also used this position to expand his potential. It was said that the root to his success was this point of life and it is at this time Scott helped him in the venturing to bigger business. This process was to some extent an illegal deal with the president that governed Pennsylvania at the time and was none other than Edgar Thompson. There was corruption going on which would bring Andrew to the pedestal of his start to great success. All this was done by Scott.

This is when he made  investment in business of Woodruff Sleeping car .This is a company where he made an introduction  of the first sleeping car in America’s railroad .This shows that by coming up with this company had a role in his success towards  recognition in the industrial greatness. It also shows that he was a great thinker and he came up with a company which would not face competition from other common companies in those days.

This set a path to more investments like key stone Bridge Company, another being Rail mill and also he was also involved in investment of Blast furnaces, iron mills inclusive of the Pittsburgh locomotive works. He also had many other companies in which he was in partnership with the president and also he decided to buy the competing company in the year 1988. He was able to achieve profitably and to the heights on the oilfield located in Pennsylvania. During these years he had bought many shares from different companies.

Andrew Carnegie had so many qualities and characteristics that helped him to his achievement and the goal he had dreamt of. Being a small kid he was a hard working boy and so he started being employed .He had a mind of an achiever. He also thought that education would be of great help in the future and he also went on to gain it by himself and though he was born with wisdom he was to add it through education.

The way to his greatness in the United States industrial world was through his entrepreneurial success in the steel and iron companies and many other companies he managed to have. Though there was some corruption deal done by Scott and Edgar who helped to the greatness he was not involved and may have not intended to do that in his opinion. The vertical integration in his manufacturing companies did the companies well on the side of the raw materials. His writing of different books would also contributing to the industrialization

Joseph (1979), by the year1889 Andrew properties which were include in his companies which were manufacturing steel, there was a limitation in the partnership that later would become so great in the industries that were known to manufacture steel. For the first time in history the United States out did the Great Britain in the industries that manufactured steel was in the year 1890.The credit could be given to none other than Andrew himself for effort he had made to reach to this level. This would be said to be a great success because it was even immune to the upset of the depression that came up during the strike of the union. The strike affected the companies that dealt in the manufacture of steel. Carnegie had looked ahead and had a strong goal for his company.

From the information given by Joseph it is clear that Carnegie played an important part in the escalating of industrialization in the country of United States. In the earlier years America was mostly well oriented in the world of agriculture but this man had big part to play in turning that around. His clever ideas helped him even overtake the country which is Britain where he borrowed the ideas. This shows clearly that Carnegie was a captain of industrialization and credit should be given to him. After selling his company to J.P. Morgan his character as philanthropic shows that he was helpful and he understood very well where he came from.

According to the biography of Andrew Carnegie and how he achieved his wealth it is clear that it was out of his handwork and his innovation. But him being robber Barron was just an assumption that people had in that time period that there was rapid growth of industrialization.        The retirement of Andrew Carnegie was in 1901 when he turned 66 years of age and he would make the final negotiations on his business in March that year. He then decide toform a corporation of the U.S steel which was to thrive and become the greatest with the capitalization of market of just over 1 billion dollars.

Up to his death in 1919 Andrew was said to be a kind, generous man and clean individual in his business deals. His life can be said to be celebrated through his good deeds. It was clear that Andrew is a legend and is well recorded in the history of U.S for his handwork. Contribution to building different major institution in America and also in Netherlands is a great achievement for instance the Hague.