Women Research paper

“A Women Place” by Naomi Wold and the poem” o know you good women” by Zulo kente write a research paper in which you discuss what is the similarities and Differences are in the messages each piece sends to women place is in society as well as the “Backlash” women encounter as they climb the ladder of succes. Adress such questions as,
1. who are the voice of women in today society? what roles do women plain in your community?
How has women roles change since the 90;s or even before

2. Be sure to discuss whether or not you feel that the so-called “glass ceiling” still exist. What is to be made of the ” Pay gap” between male and female?
Are man to be blamed for this? is our society still sexist

Five additional sources as part of your research, address the viewpoint towards women dealt with in both the essay and poem.
3 of your sources must come from either novel, short stories other essay or poem that deal with the role women play in society and the “backlash” they encounter
two remaining sources must come from respectable magazine articles such as time, Newsweek, the Nation etc