using electrical bicycle

this is a research of using electrical bicycle from Swansea singleton university campus to the new bay campus.

Technical or Production Analysis
This should be based on verifiable data and contain sufficient information and analysis so that a determination may be made on the technical feasibility of achieving the levels of income or production that are projected in the financial statements. Depending on the nature of your feasibility study this section may include the following considerations (by all means consider others that are not listed here as well):
 Determine the suitability of the production site including site environmental impact analysis.
 Does the site have the desired characteristics and available utilities and transportation facilities, etc.?
 What are the technology needs for the proposed plan?
 When and where can the technology/equipment be obtained?
 Will the technology achieve the intended production levels?
 What will the production process be?
 What are the product storage and/or maintenance requirements?
 Are there any external factors (e.g. legal or environmental factors or other
developments) which may impact on the business?