Theoretical Framework, and Research Questions

Topic, Theoretical Framework, and Research Questions

For this course work, write a (problem statement: abuse of animals in relation to adolescent criminal behavior and adolescent identity development) of your research proposal, the qualitative and quantitative research questions, and the theoretical framework and analysis of the link between your theory and your questions.
Complete the following:
• Choose a theory that informs your chosen area of research (Behaviorism, and Cognitive Theory)
• Write a clear statement of the problem.
• Consider the two research questions:

1. Qualitative question: What are the cognitive abilities of adolescent children within their own ecology towards developmental appropriateness of behaviors towards criminal intent?

2. Quantitative question: What percentage of adolescent children have shown interest towards abuse of animal’s, by the child’s age and adolescent identity development of appropriateness towards such behaviors?

• Explain how the theory you have chosen as your framework links to words or elements in each of your research questions and how you have to modify your questions to incorporate basic concepts or assumptions of the theory. Note: You may NOTuse the grounded theory approach to your qualitative question.
• Rewrite the two research questions incorporating concepts or variables to be examined, clearly linking them to the theoretical framework and clearly phrased to indicate qualitative or quantitative methodology.
• Support your conclusions with references to the professional literature.