Please respond to the research below. Whether you agree with this research or disagree with the research, and what you might add to it. Do not summarize what you have read. This is a discussion topic so provide your interpretation of what you have read. All that is needed is your opinion on the research below. Please include two references.

J.Crew is in the business of fashion and converting that fashion to style and selling it to customers worldwide is what they have done for many years. That is why according to the J. Crew (2015) website it states, “We side with style over fashion”. They are continually making changes within their corporate structure to improve the brand as a whole and that is why according to PRNewswire (2015), “These changes reflect J. Crew Group’s commitment to long-term growth, and the same time, streamline operations to support its omni-channel business and reduce overall expenses”.
According to David & David (2015), a shift in external forces “translate into changes in consumer demand for both industrial and consumer products and services” (p. 61). The technological force has impacted J. Crew by allowing them to offer their line of merchandise in countries that do not have brick & mortal stores (B&M). Offering the sale of their brand through internet sales has allowed them to distribute to different markets.
In order to counter any sort of external economic forces, J. Crew announced that they were making changes within their organizational structure to “better align with the current and future retail environment” (PRNewswire, June 2015). As a result of these changes, a reduction in force was implemented across its full time and corporate base employees.
As a part of the competitive nature in fashion, J. Crew keeps a watchful eye on the ever changing trends in fashion. Staying competitive in the business of fashion is difficult so employing the best team possible was also a part of the announcement about organizational changes. In it they describe how certain individuals are being promoted within their corporate structure and will introduce a new outlook on items that have been successful for the company. So with competitors such as The GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy competing for the same customer base requires forward thinking in fashion.
As far as the social responsibility force goes, J. Crew announces on their website that they support the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. The purpose of this announcement is to inform us, the customers, that according to J. Crew (2015), “we are working to evaluate and address any risks of human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain”. It is important to make sure that they do not support any suppliers that willfully engage in these practices because doing so can negatively affect both their customer base as well as the company. It also provides us with information about their day-to-day operations. According to the J. Crew (2015) website, “it’s one of our goals to make as little impact as possible on the environment”. Some of the areas that they focus on include energy efficiency, waste minimization, and paper and natural resources.
Under the government external force, J. Crew’s privacy policy follows the guidelines set forth by the European Union (“EU”) along with that of Switzerland. According to the J. Crew (2015) website the policy encompasses the “Safe Harbor Statement” that deals with protecting customer data via the U.S. Department of Commerce. They must also participate and follow California law when it comes personal information from California residents. Before they make any attempt to disseminate information for marketing purposes, they must first obtain permission