research and evaluation


We will complete essays 3 and 4 as part of a “project” so that you may work on them concurrently, and may benefit more from the research and writing experience. The purpose of this writing is to give you an in depth experience research and EXPLAINING an issue or problem and then writing an ARGUMENT taking a stance on the issue, heavily relying upon the research evidence, both primary and secondary, that you have gathered.

The research portion (Essay 3) will be the result of collaborative work with your research group on a common topic. The group will divide up and delegate aspects of the issue to research, read many pertinent articles, and share information in order to help formulate their individual arguments upon the issue. Essay 3 must be submitted for review and grading, but the completed project, including Essay 4, will be submitted as a whole in your portfolio. See the CALENDAR for submission dates.
Here are the rubrics for the project:

• Project Plan for both essays (graphic provided) due ___________
• Give a name to the entire project
• Use both PRIMARY and SECONDARY research
• Proper MLA format with Works Consulted/Annotated Bibliography will be submitted, and in text citation is necessary for this paper to be accepted.
• Must include a VISUAL, identified with MLA format

Essay 3 RESEARCH/DEFINITION:This essay will include a detailed description of the issue, including who is impacted, how and why impacted, and why this issue is significant. Use at least 7 sources of evidence. You will submit a rough draft of your annotated bibliography with Essay 3, and the completed Works Consulted page with Essay 4. The essay will be 1800 words and 5 pages minimum in MLA format with proper in-text citation. You are essentially explaining the key terms and concepts needed to understand the issue, and including the input of at least two experts in the field. You may include a visual to present relevant data.

Your packet will include a graphic and research outline. Your thesis statement should be underlined in your final draft.

Sample thesis: Current cultural attitudes about body image have substantially impacted the emotional and physical health of young people in North America.


Essay 4 ARGUMENT:This argument paper is based upon the research you discovered in Essay 3, plus other information you received from group members in your research collaboration. Begin by briefly describing and summarizing this issue covered in Essay 3, and then review alternate stances and points of view, refuting them through ethos, logos, and pathos arguments based upon evidence. This argument should be 5-7 pages, MLA format with proper in-text citation and include a variety of kinds of evidence: statistics, expert opinions, examples, reasons, and other historical or scientific facts or principles. You will receive extra points for appropriately including words from our class word pools.

Include an outline and word pool in your packet, along with any visuals you believe must accompany your argument.

Sample thesis: Cultural attitudes and norms in North America regarding what constitutes beauty or acceptable style have had a substantial negative impact upon the health and well-being of young people, and we must change such attitudes.