What are the factors that make students successful? This background report describes the most important factors that make students successful. I will first look at the role nutrition play and will describe how the healthy foods affect students. Second, some information will be given about how some factors motivate students to get good grades. In addition, there will be more information about two types of motivation. Third, I will talk about the studying strategies that may help many students to get better grade in their colleges or schools. Next, I will talk about the important of putting a useful goal from the beginning and how this factor help students.

I believe this topic is important to students around the world for two reasons. First, it can change some students mind’s who think being a successful student is difficult. Second, it is a good chance to inform students about what will happen if they send four years, and they don’t learn enough information.

This report will conclude with a proposal for research within the Higher Colleges of Technology.